All full-size sex dolls are made with medical TPE silicone, realistic skin feel, and are safe to use.

Instruction Manual

How to Install Standing

By default, dolls with a height of 152cm and above can stand. For aesthetic reasons, the dolls in stock currently do not have screws installed on their feet. Buyers will need to install them themselves after receiving the package to enable the doll to stand. Please do not let the doll stand on the ground barefoot to prevent wear on the feet. Avoid having the doll maintain a standing position for an extended period; instead, try to keep it lying down or sitting. If the doll is damaged due to the buyer’s actions, our company will not be responsible for after-sales support. Check the installation video below.

How to Take Care of Your Doll

Please avoid dressing the doll in dark, tight-fitting clothing to prevent the doll’s body from getting stained. Stain removers can only remove small stains, and it’s difficult to remove stains from a large area. It’s best to dress the doll in loose-fitting clothing or use light-colored undergarments underneath to prevent staining.

Regarding the doll’s functionalities: Dolls shipped from warehouses come with standard features and do not include any additional functions. If you wish to add extra functionalities, please consult our customer service at

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